What is PVC Crypto

PVC Crypto aims to create an Online Payment Platform and Money Remittance service backed by blockchain technology. Our goal is to provide alternative Online Payment and Money Remittance services to consumers who have no access to conventional Systems.

International Money Remittance and Payment Processing systems are Multi Billion dollar industries, imagine taking a slice of these Multi Billion dollar industries while offering an alternative decentralized Money Remittance and Payment Processing to parts of the globe that currently do not have access to conventional Money Remittance and Payment Processing.

This opportunity is like buying bitcoin back in 2009 at $.03 , it is like buying Amazon when it was a tiny bookstore in Jeff’s garage, it is like buying Netflix back in 2000 when Blockbuster said no.

Now let us stop imagining, PVC Crypto is here to become the decentralized backbone of a new Payment Processing and Money Remittance System. Join us and together we will build something great!